Monthly Archives: May 2010

Monthly Archives: May 2010

So…. About last night…

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This morning afternoon was confusing as all hell for me, and I blame it all on last night. I woke up at 2:30pm thinking it could only be about 9am because naturally since I had a doctors appointment I’d wake up at a reasonable hour after a night of ungodly drinking, right? Wrong! When I saw the time I convinced that I had changed my clocks forward by 6 hours………. Why the fuck would I do that to myself? I …

Bits of Wisdom…

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I happen to know some very amusing people… “My next relationship, we can only say nice things to each other in vague ridiculous song lyric quotes. It’ll be a short romance that’s for sure, but amusing while it lasts. We’ll break up with gangster rap lyrics.” “Remeber that time we went on a Texas sized bender and we randomly showed up at your Aunts house? wtf….” “Yeah, that was Easter, and later that same night you told your grandmother what …

Sweet Dreams & Gun Fire

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As seen on Revok1’s Blog. Thanks for the great find and good laugh.

Krink + Colors + Electro = This

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Krink is fun! Neon is amazing! and the music is boppy & nerdy. I found myself bouncing around to it and then immediately wanting to go draw on things that do not belong to me ;) KRINK IS IT! from The Crystal Pharoah on Vimeo.

The Baltimore Love Project

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The Baltimore Love Project is defined by 20 murals of varying sizes all depicting the LOVE design created by Michael Owen. Intended to galvanize the locals to do something positive for the city of Baltimore, because as the rest of the country knows via The Wire, shits serious and dangerous! Also involved is Innovate Baltimore who focuses on building and strengthening the greater B-more community. (Flyer/info after the jump)

Alica Keys ft. Drake: Un-thinkable

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A Jammin’ remix feat. Drake on Alicia Keys new song Un-Thinkable Courtesy of HypeTrak. Alicia Keys featuring Drake – Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready) (Remix) by Hypetrak And for some visual stimuli here’s the music video for his new track “Find Your Love.” Oddly surprised that I dig it, strange things are a happening!

Don’t Forget! National Draw Mohammad Day!

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I’m assuming any moment now, an angry mob of Muslims are going to show up at my door and light me on fire and slowly dismember me or just stone me to some untimely death. On that note! Today is indeed the first annual draw Mohammad day!. And there seem to have been a large group of excited people who’ve spent all day with their crayons and scented markers to participate in pissing off an entire religion protecting their freedom …

Creative People: Just a little bit off, says science.

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I’ve always been under the impression that I’m absolutely bat-shit crazy, along with the people that I selectively and purposefully choose to surround myself with. We’re a creative bunch in every way possible by way of creating music, writing on things we don’t own, painting canvases and other things not meant to be painted (cats? oops), designing offensive websites (like this one), etc. etc. the list does go on. And now finally there is proof that my theory of self-insanity …

Vhils – Scratching the Surface

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Alexandre Farto aka Vhils creates etchings in wood, walls, and variety of other mediums.

Screen Printing in a Nutshell

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Screen Printing is fun! Or maybe I have a skewed sense of what I consider a good time… The video shows the process of making a shirt from concept to completion in a few short minutes. It’s accompanied by some interesting music, but I highly recommend you listen to Doomtree – Drumsticks while you watch instead… Making of a t-shirt from Treats Club on Vimeo.

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