New Skype UI is powered by fail

All I can really say is “Jesus Christ, that’s is really fucking ugly.”

If you can imagine a special needs red headed stepchild had an… offspring (seems like an accurate term) with a naked mole rat then you might get an idea of what Skype 5.0 looks and behaves like.

Instead of focusing on techinical issues and features like privacy settings and permissions to specific caller groups (hint – hint, you bastards) they decided to sit on their thumbs and postulate about what they could do to make it an unusable eyesore that makes me forget all about calling my Gran in Berlin to wish her a happy birthday, and instead want to commit genocide at the closest nursery.

Or better yet, maybe it was bring your drunk baby to work day and let them redesign the complete UX/UI.

First was their massive international black-out, and now this visual abomination, which, to some of you may not seem like a big deal, but that is probably due to the fact that you’re more closely related to that red headed stepchild than the rest of us..

Standing by that, I’m comfortably resisting change with version 2.7.
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